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Original storage shelves unit

We offer you the original shelves for storage ( storage shelf ), which will become an indispensable piece of furniture in your home. 

Original storage shelves unit
Original storage shelves unit
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Original storage shelves with staircase:

Have you ever wondered how you can use the free space, which is impossible to reach?

We offer a very simple solution -one of  new shelves units, arranged one above the other so that you can line them up a ladder and get to the very last.

Original storage shelves unit

This simple modern design combines aspects of classical furniture, as well as the principle of placing the shelves in the library with a new approach to creating a unique interior.

Original storage shelves unit

Since the shelves and perform the function of stairs, you can save enough space by getting rid of the usual ladder, which is usually used in order to get to the top shelves of the cabinet.

Original storage shelves unit

In addition to versatility, this hardware has a sleek modern look, which is why it fits in any office or in one of the rooms of your home.

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  1. I love this.... makes me smile broadly. Also, I would like one!


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