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False ceiling designs for bathroom chosen and install

Top catalog of false ceiling designs for bathroom with different types of ceilings and how to choose and install it and our tips

When decorating a bathroom in the first place, attention should be paid to the decoration of the ceiling, because this room has a high level of humidity, and not everyone is a finishing material for this may come. The surface in this area can be in contact not only with the moist air, but also water.

Today in DIY stores you can find several types of decorative finishing ceilings. But not all of them are suitable for the bathroom ceiling. Some, at the first contact with moisture will flake and unstuck.

False ceiling designs for bathroom with lights
False ceiling designs for bathroom

Chosen false ceiling for bathroom

You can choose for the bathroom ceiling with slabs of mineral wool. This material is not afraid of water. As part of the mineral fiber has organic additives, clay and recycled paper. And as far as it is suitable for rooms with high humidity, it depends on what proportion of these materials contained in it. If you have more plates in the structure of paper - they can only be used in dry areas, and if the clay - you can use them in the bathroom. Therefore, we must be careful in their selection, and best to seek professional help.
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False ceiling designs for bathroom
mirrored ceiling design for bathroom

False ceiling installation in bathroom:

False ceiling in the bathroom can be installed from metal modules. They are durable and are not afraid of water. However, the only disadvantage is that they take away a minimum of twelve centimeters of the total height of the room.

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Options of bathroom ceiling :

Today, the best option is rack suspended ceilings in the bathroom. In such systems, suspended rail made of aluminum, it is waterproof and will not rust, no deformation, and securely and firmly secured in the grooves, thus avoiding chatter.

There slatted ceilings of two types:

• Perforated 
• Solid

More designs of false ceiling for bathroom:

False mirror ceiling for bathroom

False ceiling with led for bathroom

False ceiling designs for bathroom, luxury purple bathroom

false ceiling for bathroom with led light blue

False ceiling stretch design for bathroom

False ceiling designs for bathroom

False ceiling designs for bathroom, suspended ceiling

False ceiling designs with backlight for bathroom

Bathroom would be best to choose a perforated. Then the room will not be so heavily and stuffy.

We must remember that in areas with high humidity, is not permitted accessory aluminum panels metal parts.
I hope this designs of false ceiling for bathroom win your like and you can get the prefer ceiling design for your bath.


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